The scents that make no sense

It’s the time of the year when evocative scents fill the air. Many of us like to give our homes a seasonal feel with spice-scented candles and pine-fragranced room sprays to get us into the Christmas spirit.

But take a close look at the labels and you’ll notice that all those scents added to candles, air fresheners and fragranced plug-ins are in fact created in a laboratory. And many of these synthetic scents are being linked to a variety of health concerns, from headaches to sore eyes to asthma flare-ups.

Alpha-pinene, which mimics a pine scent, and limonene, used to produce a citrus fragrance, are both commonly used in home products. The chemicals themselves are not known to be harmful, but once they react to the air, they can turn to formaldehyde, a chemical that may contribute to asthma and cancer.

One option to reduce formaldehyde circulating in your home is to use house plants, which have been scientifically proven to absorb the harmful chemicals. Ferns are best, or try English ivy or lavender.

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Unlike many other products on the market we don’t include any parabens or phthalates, which have been linked to skin problems such as eczema. You can check our ingredients list here.

The main ingredient in all our products is the finest aloe vera juice, which makes our moisturisers luxuriously rich and hydrating. Renowned as a healing remedy for centuries, aloe has anti-inflammatory properties and naturally balances the pH of the skin.

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On a final note, we’d like to say Merry Christmas from all of us here at Eternal Skincare. Thank you to our loyal customers for another wonderful year, and all the very best for 2018!

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