Stay hydrated this summer – inside and out

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Whether you prefer sunbathing and sipping cocktails or city breaks and cross-country rambles, it’s important to stay healthy while you’re under the sun.

Skin can quickly dry out in hot weather, especially when it reacts with sun lotions, fluctuations in temperature or chemicals in swimming pools. And it’s not just your skin that’s at risk. If you don’t drink enough water you could become dehydrated, causing all sorts of health problems from fatigue and cramps to dizziness and fits.

So how should you nourish your body during the summer season, inside and out? Follow our naturally-inspired tips to help keep you healthy and energised all summer long…

1. Moisturise. The skin is our largest organ and absorbs the make-up and lotions we put onto it. Avoid harsh, synthetic products and opt for natural plant-based alternatives, such as our highest quality Aloe Vera based moisturisers. All our Aloe Vera skincare products are free from Parabens, synthetic fragrances and colouring. Cooling and richly hydrating after a day in the sun, they’ll leave your skin wonderfully soft and smooth.

2. Drink water. Tempting as it may be to choose a jug of sangria over a glass of water, beware the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Stick to water if you can - you could add a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber to liven up your glass of humble H2O. Tea and coffee will keep you hydrated, but they’re also diuretics, so you’ll lose some of that water through trips to the loo. While you’re out and about, keep a water bottle with you and remember to drink before you feel thirsty. If a raging thirst has kicked in, your body is already beginning to suffer the effects of dehydration.

3. Cover up. The dangers of too much sun exposure are well known, ranging from the short-term discomfort of sunburn to premature ageing and deadly skin cancers. Seek shade during the hottest part of the day, from 11am - 3pm. But if you can’t avoid the sun at this time, wear a hat and loose, comfortable clothing to keep your skin protected.

4. Eat your five a day. Fruit and vegetables are high in water content. Cucumbers are 95% water, with a little fibre and Vitamin C thrown in. Other top choices include strawberries, lettuce, peaches and raspberries. All these fruit and veg are in season from British growers over the summer months. You could even try growing your own!

5. Exercise sensibly. If you’re planning to exercise in hot weather, take into account the fact that you will sweat more and can become dehydrated faster. Experts say that for every pound of sweat you lose, you should drink a pint of water. So it’s important to drink before you exercise, as well as during and afterwards. Don’t push yourself to the limit. A run or a workout which might seem achievable in colder months could be too ambitious in the summer.

6. Spritz yourself with water and take cool showers. This will hydrate the skin – but remember to moisturise afterwards! At night, try to make your bedroom as cool as possible. You could consider putting a cold flannel on your forehead to help the body rehydrate while you’re resting.

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