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Anyone who’s suffered from eczema knows what an agonising condition it can be. Red, inflamed and itchy skin makes life a misery, affecting sleep quality, ability to concentrate and emotional wellbeing.

This month the National Eczema Society is organising National Eczema Week, helping to promote understanding of the condition by holding events and information stands all over the UK. Running from September 16th – 24th, it’s a chance for sufferers and their families to chat to professionals and share their own experiences.

If you have eczema, it’s likely you’ve spent a huge amount of time and money trying to find a cure that suits you. Prescription steroid creams can seem like a magic solution, but it’s well known that eczema often flares up again once the steroids are phased out. Strong steroids shouldn’t be used on a permanent basis, since they can thin the skin and lead to yet more problems. So what’s the answer?

It would help if we actually knew what caused the condition! Some people can identify definite triggers - such as extreme temperatures, certain foods, or stress - but many sufferers are unable to pinpoint the cause of a breakout. As an auto-immune disease (one in which the immune system mistakenly attacks a body tissue as if it’s a foreign invader) eczema is notoriously hard to prevent, predict or control.

Here at Eternal Skincare, we hope we can help you in your quest for healthier skin. We’re proud to have developed a range of aloe rich moisturising creams, such as our Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser.

This cream contains over 50 per cent organically-grown aloe vera juice, a plant extract that has amazing healing properties. It’s completely free from parabens and other controversial preservatives that are known to trigger skin problems in some people. Aloe vera is remarkably soothing and calming to the skin, and in this product it’s combined with Roman chamomile extract to reduce inflammation, along with sweet almond oil to soften the skin and help avoid future flare-ups.

Also included in the Eternal Skincare range is Aloe Cleanse and Soothe, a gentle and effective cleanser that contains organic aloe vera, marshmallow, oat, chamomile and calendula.

If you decide to try our products, we’re so confident you’ll be happy that we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. Take a look at our amazing creams now, and don’t forget to read our reviews – we now have over 1,000 five star testimonials from satisfied customers, many of whom are eczema sufferers who’ve seen brilliant results.

If you’d like to know more about National Eczema Week, or attend one of the UK events, click here for a list of dates and venues.

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