Outdoor, Gardening Hands Need an Extra Nourishing Treat

For people who love being outdoors, be it in the garden, mucking out the horses or walking the dog, the fresh air can bring many health and wellbeing advantages but when it comes to the look and feel of our hands, the outdoors lifestyle certainly has its drawbacks.

“It is often said that hands are the first part of our body to age” says Fay Watt from Eternal Skincare. “That’s not technically true as our hands age at the same rate as our face, but as our hands are constantly exposed to the elements they are more prone to the effects of environmental damage which can cause them to look wrinkled and weather-beaten.”

This is especially true for people who spend a lot of time outside. Hands become rough to the touch, dry, red and cracked which can cause itching and discomfort.

Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser from Eternal Skincare has a large following of men and women who love their outdoor lifestyle but don’t want the health of their hands to suffer as a result. The high percentage (over 50%) of organically grown aloe vera in the cream offers soothing relief for damaged skin, leaving hands feeling velvety soft and smooth and looking less chapped and wrinkled.

The exquisitely rich moisturiser also contains sweet almond oil, rich in essential fatty acids to nourish the skin, and rosehip oil which, due to its naturally high vitamin A content, helps repair damaged skin tissue. Roman chamomile extract helps to promote cell regeneration while shea butter keeps skin feeling silky soft and elegantly smooth.

Eternal Skincare’s Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser is a luxurious treat for the hands, but isn’t exclusively for this part of the body. In fact, it can be used all over the body and face, making it a one pot wonder for dry and stressed skin from head to toe.

Available exclusively from www.eternalskincare.com from £30 for 225ml. Order online or by phone on 0800 993 0122.


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