Natural tricks for a new, youthful you!


For many of us, the festive season can have a decidedly unglamorous impact on our appearance.

Lack of sleep combined with too much alcohol and high-calorie food mean we often head into January feeling tired and bloated. Our skin can suffer too, as extremes of temperature take their toll. Wintry air outside and stuffy, centrally-heated rooms indoors cause a loss of water from the cells - the keratinocytes - that make up the outer layer of the skin.

When skin is dry and under-nourished, wrinkles are emphasised and we’re more prone to spots and eczema break-outs. All in all, this may be the time of year when you look in the mirror and feel less than overjoyed at the reflection staring back.

Of course there’s no shame in looking older – it’s a natural process and most of us shy away from the idea of cosmetic surgery or chemical injections to smooth out wrinkles. Yet there’s no denying that we feel more confident in day-to-day life when we’re comfortable with our appearance.

So, how can we look youthful without resorting to drastic measures? Drinking water and eating plenty of fruit and veg is advice we’re all familiar with. But here are five more age-defying tricks to help you kick-start a youthful new year . . .


Have you stopped to look at the ingredients in your moisturiser? It’s easy to get stuck in a time warp and find yourself persevering with a cream that suited you five or ten years ago. As skin ages, your moisturiser needs to be more nourishing than ever, and ideally it will be free from parabens and other chemicals that can cause allergies and even disrupt the body’s hormonal balance. Eternal Skincare’s luxurious, intensely hydrating Aloe Vera moisturiser is suitable for all skin types and can be used on your face, body and hands to soothe and soften tired skin.

Curl your eyelashes

As we age our eyelashes thin and flatten, and unfortunately this has the effect of making eyes seem smaller and ill defined. Whether or not you use mascara, give your face a lift by using eyelash curlers every day. You’ll be surprised at the difference this quick trick makes!


When skin is dry and itchy, you might think that exfoliation will only cause more discomfort. In fact the reverse is true, since moisturiser will penetrate the deeper layers of the skin far more effectively when dead cells are gently exfoliated away. Remove that clogging layer and your body will start to generate new cells, giving you a healthier and altogether more radiant look.


Whether you opt for a bracing walk or twenty minutes on the yoga mat, it’s well-documented that exercise improves everything from heart health, brain power and, yes, complexion. Better blood circulation ensures a healthy, all-round glow. And there’s an added bonus: regular exercise also helps you to sleep better, allowing the body to restore itself overnight.


As skin ages, its natural luminosity starts to fade. A creamy, shimmery highlighter subtly applied to cheekbones, browbones and the inner corners of the eyes will lighten your face considerably, helping to re-capture the dewy look of our teens and twenties. But don’t be tempted to apply pressed powder afterwards, as a matte finish on ageing skin can actually make you look older.

We hope we’ve helped to convince you that there’s no need to head into 2018 feeling fed-up about another passing year. Here at Eternal Skincare, we’re firm believers in celebrating age, experience, and fantastically healthy skin, whether you’re nine years old or ninety!

To find out more about our Aloe-based skincare range, visit our online shop and don’t forget to read our latest reviews on Feefo.

Happy New Year to all our valued customers!

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