Healthy body, healthy skin!

What does your face say about your overall health?

When you look in the mirror and see yet another skin breakout, it’s hard not to feel miserable. Spots, acne, rosacea or eczema flare-ups can be a real knock to the confidence. Poor diet, lack of sleep and stress are often cited as the cause of skin problems. But did you know that certain zones of the face are thought to be linked to specific areas inside our bodies, such as the major organs and digestive system?

The ancient art of ‘face mapping’ comes from Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic teachings. It’s a complex theory developed over thousands of years, but the belief is that blemishes on our face can have a root cause deeper in our bodies. Address the internal issues, and the visible problems should clear naturally.

Here, we summarise how skin breakouts on your face might offer clues to your overall health...

Forehead – digestive system and bladder. If your skin is problematic in this area, you may need to drink more water and improve your diet to include plenty of fruit and veg. Avoid processed foods and try to cook meals from scratch whenever possible.

Bridge of the nose and between the eyebrows – liver. Overdoing the wine and cocktails? According to Ayurvedic teachings, this could show up in the form of spots or acne at the top of your nose and between your eyebrows. Cut your alcohol intake, but if you do drink, intersperse with glasses of water.

Nose – heart and blood pressure. High blood pressure and circulation problems can lead to poor skin health and broken capillaries on the nose. Get your blood pressure checked and if necessary, make changes to your lifestyle, such as reducing the amount of salt in your diet, cutting your alcohol intake, and doing more exercise.

Under the eyes – kidneys. While it’s rare to get spots in these areas, the eyes are prone to puffiness and dark circles. This inflammation could be due to dehydration, so drink more water, avoid caffeine and try to get more sleep.

Cheeks – respiratory system. Allergies that affect your breathing, as well as smoking-related illness, could be the underlying cause of breakouts on your cheeks. Quit the cigarettes and do all you can to reduce allergens, for example by washing bedding regularly and keeping your home dust-free.

Chin – hormones. Spots on your chin are thought to be an indicator of imbalanced hormones, and breakouts during the menstrual cycle are common in this area. To help balance your hormones, reduce stress as much as possible, try to get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly.

Face-mapping is a fascinating technique and it makes sense that problems inside our bodies could manifest on the outside. But it’s also true that some skin break-outs are a direct response to external factors, such as dermatitis caused by contact with harsh chemicals in make-up or skincare products.

Here at Eternal Skincare, we recognise that everyone wants to feel well on the inside and look fantastic on the outside! So it’s worth exploring these ancient teachings, while doing all you can to nourish your skin on a daily basis.

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