Grooming the groom!


Whilst most of the attention is going to be focussed on your beautiful bride, you're definitely not going to go unnoticed. On the big day, it's important that the groom is well groomed!

West Wedding magazine recommended Eternal Skincare for the big day - "if the thought of walking into a shop and buying male moisturiser causes you to shudder with horror, a more cunning option is to buy a cream that both you and your new wife can use."

Eternal Skincare's Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser is unscented, meaning it's suitable for both men and women. Better still, says West Wedding, "it also multitasks as a face cream, body moisturiser, after sun and massage lotion, so you'll have more room in the suitcase when you go away on honeymoon."

Our moisturiser is made from natural ingredients and is paraben free, making it suitable even for sensitive skin. By using Eternal Skincare as part of your wedding preparations, your bride won't be the only one turning heads walking down the aisle!

All of Eternal Skincare's products are available to buy through our shop.

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