A Soothing Solution for Sensitive Skin


For people with highly sensitive skin, finding a skincare range which suits them can be a nightmare. Everyone longs to find a product which improves the condition of their skin, but for those who are prone to hyper-sensitivity, this can be a life-long search which only results in spending lots of money on countless products which the skin reacts to.

Thankfully, many people with sensitive skin find that Eternal Skincare offers them a calming and soothing solution which suits their skin type. The Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser contains over 50% organically grown aloe vera juice and is completely free from parabens and other controversial preservatives, known to cause reactions in some people. In addition to the remarkably soothing and calming properties of aloe vera, Roman chamomile extract helps reduce inflammation while sweet almond oil moisturises and softens the skin.

The popular Moisturiser has recently been joined by a new cleanser to create a luxurious duo suitable for sensitive skin. Aloe Cleanse & Soothe Cleanser contains a delicious blend of aloe vera, marshmallow, oat, chamomile and calendula. Unlike many facial cleansers which can leave skin feeling tight and dry, Aloe Cleanse & Soothe contains generous amounts of shea butter, vitamin E and grapeseed oil for a silky smooth complexion.

The boutique skincare company is based in rural West Sussex and is run by a small team of individuals who are passionate about quality, results-focused skincare. Co-director Robin Aspinall says -

“We have a large following of people with skin conditions and sensitive skin who, before discovering Eternal Skincare, tried countless products over the years but reacted badly to them. Although no one product will ever suit everyone, our products are extra gentle due to the high concentration of organic aloe vera leaf juice in the formulations and the absence of harsh preservatives which can cause the skin to flare up.”

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