• Wake up to a new morning skincare routine

    Boost your morning skincare routine, with aloe-rich Eternal Skincare

    We’d all love to start the day with a fresh, dewy complexion after a wonderful night’s sleep. Unfortunat...

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  • The science behind your amazing skin

    Surprising skin facts from Eternal Skincare

    Here at Eternal Skincare, it’s our mission to educate people about our amazing skin and the i...

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  • Beautiful skin from bump to beyond

    Beautiful skin from bump to beyond

    Pregnancy brings about numerous changes to a woman’s body. A growing bump might be the most obvious, but ...

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  • Natural tricks for a new, youthful you!

    Natural tricks for a new, youthful you!

    For many of us, the festive season can have a decidedly unglamorous impact on our appearance.

    Lack of s...

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  • The scents that make no sense

    It’s the time of the year when evocative scents fill the air. Many of us like to give our homes a seasonal feel with spice-scented candles and pine-fragranced room sprays to get us into the Chri...

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  • Check out Eternal Skincare’s rave reviews!


    Our rave reviews speak for themselves

    As passionate believers in our own natural skincare products, we love to tell y...

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  • Don’t let winter wreak havoc on your skin

    winter skin

    Preparing for winter usually involves layering up with extra clothes and accessories. Knitted jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves all reappear after being stashed away over the summer.

    Just as you layer ...

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  • Soothe and smooth


    Anyone who’s suffered from eczema knows what an agonising condition it can be. Red, inflamed and itchy skin makes life a misery, affecting sleep quality, ability to concentrate and emotional wellbeing.

    This month the National Eczema Society is orga...

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  • Watch out for water

    Watch out for water

    Water. It’s hard to think of a more natural and pure ingredient. We couldn’t live without it, and it’s crucial to hydrate our bodies inside and out. But what would you say if you knew that many beauty and skin...

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  • Para-ben and gone

    Para-ben and gone 

    Ever since skin creams began to be mass-developed in the Victorian era, beauty experts have sought ways to extend their products’ shelf-life. Moisturise...

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