NatraSan and Acne

Following the recent release of our brand new product, NatraSan First Aid Antiseptic Spray we've received some wonderful feedback from our customers.

NatraSan has been used effectively on athlete's foot, cuts & grazes, mosquito bites, even mouth ulcers and more.

We recently heard from Sophia, 17 from West Sussex, who has been using NatraSan on her acne and has seen amazing results over the last 3 months.

NatraSan Acne Before & After Click to enlarge

Sophia applied the product by gently wiping her face with a saturated cotton wool pad with NatraSan twice a day as part of her daily skincare routine and commented:

"It was perfect for my oily skin as it dried up my spots but still kept the rest of my skin moisturised. I started to see it was working within the first three days and having used this product morning and evening for 3 months it has definitely cleared up my spots. I'd definitely recommend this product."

NatraSan is made from natural hypochlorous acid, a safe and effective substance which kills 99.9999% of germs and bacteria - one of the main causes of acne.

You can purchase NatraSan through our online shop or find out more information at

Prices start at £7.00 for the 100ml Travel Buddy or £10.00 for the 250ml size.

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